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Front End Developer

React / GraphQL

Cohub needs a front end developer. Reporting directly to our CTO and CPO, the developer will work primarily on the front-end, but also needs a thorough understanding of back-end concepts and capabilities.

What is Cohub?

Cohub is a SaaS business management system that streamlines business operations. Cohub automates repetitive processes, decreases errors, and allows businesses to deploy human capital (also known as “employees”) to more productive and fulfilling pursuits. Accountants would say that Cohub works primarily “above the line” where inventory is purchased or manufactured, sold, tracked, and fulfilled.

Other software in our space focuses on the front-facing side of business where sales occur -- shopping carts, retail point of sale (POS) systems, wholesale customer portals, etc. Others focus on the back-side, providing accounting services to organize and report financial data. Some do both front and back.

What about the MIDDLE? There’s a lot of rail cars between the engine and the caboose. Maybe being the inbetweener just isn’t that glamorous. Or, perhaps it’s just hard to write code for the middle.

But, it’s the middle where the bulk of a company’s daily work is done -- inventory tracking, PO placement, product pricing, costing, invoicing, reporting, manufacturing, fulfillment, and on and on. Cohub doesn’t shy away from the workaday or the difficult, and that’s why it’s the middle where Cohub shines most brightly.

Who is Cohub?

Of course, the founders and people who work at Cohub have expertise in software development, particularly for high-volume, high-demand web applications. But, just as importantly, we’ve got years of experience managing businesses that sell things you can actually touch. We’ve bought millions of pieces of inventory, received them, fork-lifted them, sold them, accounted for them, and, yes, lost a few of them.

The people who work at Cohub are a pleasant group, full of energy and curiosity, and lacking in contempt. We’re entrepreneurs, entertainers, inventors, city girls, farm boys, some old and some young. Combined we make a team with varied perspectives who can draw on their wide-ranging experiences to help solve the more vexing problems businesses encounter.

Who we need

Personal Characteristics

We need developers who:

  • Find "Aha" moments innately satisfying and addicting.
  • Are displeased with themselves until they fully understand a problem and its solution.
  • Are humble enough to concede their limitations and have the self-respect and drive to overcome them.
  • Have the professional confidence (gained from experience) to take on difficult challenges.
  • Are generally curious about the world around them, even about seemingly simple and mundane things.
  • Can extract the important bits from noisy, complex problems, then devise elegant solutions.
  • Learn new languages and skills because they want to, not because they were told to.
  • Freely share their talents and opinions with colleagues.
  • Enjoy the company of others and care about their well-being.


We need developers with capabilities in:

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • TypeScript
  • Apollo
  • Ruby on Rails


We need developers with proven experience who have:

  • Built software used by a variety of people.
  • Expertise building single-page applications using React and GraphQL.
  • Worked with GraphQL or REST APIs designed for use with single-page applications.

What we offer

We treat our employees the way we would want to be treated, with respect and recognition for the contributions they make to the team. Compensation is competitive with the market, including the full complement of health, retirement, and vacation benefits. Our office is located in a pretty cool part of town, too -- right in the middle of Wedgewood-Houston.

What's next

Contact us at the email address below, and include anything you deem worthy and relevant to your experience and abilities.


Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the USA. Cohub is an equal opportunity employer.