Count inventory the easy way.

By yourself or with a team, Cohub Inventory lets you count items at multiple locations and submit them to Shopify. Instantly see the value of your inventory and the revenue potential by location.

Multiple locations

Count inventory everywhere you keep it — your store, warehouse, home office, garage. Cohub Inventory tells what you have, how much it’s worth, and how much revenue it will generate at each location.

Scan barcodes with your phone

Cohub Inventory turns your iPhone or Android's camera into a barcode scanner. It’s fast, convenient, and since nearly everyone has a smartphone, your employees can scan barcodes, too.

Count faster as a team

Dramatically increase your counting throughput by adding other counters to your count session. Easily send invitations via text, email, Airdrop, and more.
Team counting

Real-time valuation

See your store's total value and potential revenue every time inventory is updated.

Let's start counting.

What else can Cohub Inventory do?

📈 Prioritized Inventory

Assign priority levels to your inventory for ABC analysis and rest assured that your most profitable items are in stock.

♻️ Cycle Counts

Count smaller groups of items quickly and keep your shop open for business instead of closing for an inventory count.

📒 Long-Term History

See how your inventory has changed over time. We record every inventory adjustment and store it forever.

👫 Team Counting

Invite team members to join your count or perform counts of their own at separate locations.

📦 Multiple Locations

Count, track, and value inventory across multiple storefronts or warehouses.

🕵️ Missing Costs & Barcodes

Review which items are missing costs or barcodes and easily update them.

Twice Is Once Too Many®️

Not sure if your inventory levels are accurate? With Cohub Inventory, count your items and you can trust that you won't have missed or double counted.

Enterprise For Any Size®️

Keeping track of inventory for a single store or an entire region? Counting your inventory with Cohub Inventory gives you the scale you need to track your inventory no matter your scale.