Above the Line

Cohub is a complete, above-the-line, business management system. In plain speak, Cohub helps you manage the full scope of activities you do to make revenue. Things like shopping cart sales, brick-and-mortar sales, salesperson sales, purchasing, receiving, managing raw materials, manufacturing finished goods, purchasing inventory, tracking inventory, fulfilling orders, product pricing, and more. Empower your business with Cohub and free your good human talent from mundane, repetitive tasks.

  • Inventory
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping / Fulfillment
  • Receiving
  • eCommerce Store Management
  • Accounting Integration

Twice Is Once Too Many

On Cohub, you won’t do the same thing twice. Consider a sales order placed by a customer. They’ve already entered their address information, so why should you have to reenter it just to print a shipping label? Then again for accounting? You shouldn’t. Cohub ends this primitive multiplication of effort and the errors that result.

The “twice is once too many” philosophy is baked into Cohub. Whether it’s a multi-step, complex business process or a simple copy of data from one place to another, we’re always on the hunt for ways to make business operations more efficient. Do it once and let Cohub do the repetition.

Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel -- a fancy way of saying that we don’t limit how you sell your products. Design an online store with our pre-built templates. Or, use your existing online store by integrating directly through our API. Sell your products on Amazon or with Google Shopping. For brick-and-mortar sales, use our point-of-sale system. Salespeople and customer service staff can place sales orders using an interface specifically designed for them. And, with our impersonation feature, an employee can “walk in your customer’s shoes” and place orders using the exact same system they use.

  • eCommerce
  • Amazon and Google
  • POS / Retail
  • Customer Impersonation


What to buy, when to buy, who to buy from. Cohub maintains a complete record of products, prices, vendors, and purchasing history. Easily place your own POs manually. Or, click the “Generate POs” button and let Cohub do the heavy lifting for you. In seconds, it calculates what you need and where, then makes individual purchase orders from your preferred vendors. From there, you're free to review, amend, and place them. Cohub even emails the PO to your vendor and lets you know if they’ve received it.

  • Automatic Purchase Order Generator
  • Two-way communication with vendors
  • Preferred vendors for products
  • Quantity Sold vs Quantity Purchased Analysis

Inventory Management

Whether you’ve got a warehouse, a brick-and-mortar shop, a garage, or all of those, Cohub tracks your inventory in real time across all your locations. Quickly move inventory between locations, view the transaction log to see where inventory came in or went out, and check the value of your stock at any time. You can even count inventory with a barcode scanner.

  • Multiple-location support
  • Out-of-stock notifications
  • Par level preservation via automated purchasing
  • Per location par levels
  • Historical inventory levels
  • Manual inventory adjustments


Moving products from you to your customers is easy in Cohub. Add your carrier account to Cohub, and we’ll pull live rates, print thermal labels, and give you and your customers tracking information. Customers can even use their own shipping accounts. As you ship, inventory updates automatically so you’ll always know what’s on hand, what’s coming in, and what’s headed out the door.

  • Live shipping rates
  • Geolocated shipment queuing
  • Payment verification prior to shipping
  • Label printing (including ZPL support)
  • Metler Toledo scale integration


Cohub keeps everyone (employees, customers, vendors) fully apprised about what’s going on with ordering, purchasing, changes, errors, fraud alerts and much more. Over 30 system-generated emails, text messages, and our activity feed, communicate vital information directly to those who need it. Cohub’s dashboard gives you sales numbers and revenue at a glance, shows you where you’ve shipped today, and constantly updates with the most recent activities in your business.

  • 30+ standard system-generated emails
  • SMS messages to customers
  • Change order notifications
  • In-app activity notifications
  • Fraud notifications
  • Payment failed alerts


Data and data transmission are fully encrypted, both within the Cohub app and on your eCommerce store. All payments are PCI compliant and credit cards are tokenized to protect sensitive information. From the inside, Cohub lets you protect specific activities with granular user permissions selected by activity. Don’t want a salesperson having access to purchasing? Turn it off.

  • Tokenized credit card storage
  • Granular user permissions
  • PCI compliant
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Customer fraud scoring

Data Integrity

Loss of data means loss of business. We protect your data using continuous physical backups guarding against hardware failure and user error. In the event of hardware failure, we automatically restore your most current data. Accidently delete something you shouldn't have? No worries. We can roll back your data to any point in the past 7 days. In addition to these continuous physical backups, we also do point-in-time backups every day and retain those for 7 days.

  • Continuous physical backups
  • Daily point-in-time backups
  • 7-day rollback period
  • Accidental deletion forgiveness

Great technology
is useless if it’s not useable.

Words like "easy" and "accessible" aren't typically used to describe software that's also "powerful" and "complex". But our user interface is designed by a team of talented UX/UI designers working alongside people just like your employees who use Cohub every day. The result is a system that makes even these complex features intuitive:

Your Success Is Our Success

"We couldn’t run our business without Cohub. It meets and exceeds all of our needs. Cohub is simple and keeps everything in one place which makes managing our business seamless."

Sloan DokkenVP - TapeOnline.com

"Having a single system to run our business has saved us tons of time and money. Would recommend Cohub to any business!"

Darren ShipleyOwner - LifeView Outdoors

"Online sales have increased dramatically on Cohub. Also, with 5 locations, our staff really appreciates having one platform for purchasing, inventory, in-store sales and shipping."

Ben JelsmaVice President - Skin Solutions


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